Consolidation of Community Ambulance Service

The East Windsor Ambulance Association believes regionalization of Emergency Medical  Services is the fuure of EMS in Connecticut. Combining several communty ambulance services provides the efficiencies and cost saving required to compete in today's EMS economy. Small and medium sized EMS services must be proactive ensure their community is receiving excellent care at a reasonable cost.

The East Windsor Ambulance provides superior medical care without tax contribution from town government. And we have done so for over 7 years. 

Some communities have already replaced their long standing community EMS systems in favor of the for-profit commercial option. The reason for this actions was their community service could not or would not provide the advanced level of care required of their community at no cost.

To that end, I encourage any forward thinkers in community ambulance services or municipalities to explore the idea of consolidation with us and contact me to talk it over. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Emergency Medical Service Chief Paramedic Chief Thomas Clynch  

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