Welcome to the East Windsor Ambulance Association website. The East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc. (EWAA) is an emergency medical service (EMS) provider located in the Town of East Windsor CT. The (EWAA) has continually provided EMS service since July of 1978.  Our EMS station is located at 25 School Street, behind the East Windsor Police Station less than a mile off Interstate 91 at Exit 45. The (EWAA) provides emergency medical care to the Town of East Windsor, Connecticut, and is designated the R-2 ambulance Primary Service Area (PSA). In 2001 we upgraded the service to the Paramedic level and are designated the R-5 Paramedic level (PSA).

The (EWAA) is a self-sustaining (501)c3 non-profit entity. What does that mean by self-sustaining? Unlike many EMS systems, all of the ambulance association's expenses are paid by the organization through patient billing, donations, and fund drives.

This includes:

  • All insurance including vehicle, general liability, malpractice, and workers' compensation insurance.
  • All staff expenses such as payroll, training, and benefits.
  • All operational expenses such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle fuel, and all medical equipment and supplies are paid for by the ambulance association.
  • All Capital improvements include the purchase of new ambulances, heart monitors, stretcher systems, and the like.   

We do not receive any direct municipal funding. The (EWAA) has provided the Town of East Windsor CT, with free EMS services for over 14 years. The town does provide a small facility, utilities, and building repairs. They are also responsible for all dispatch fees.

In return, the Town of East Windsor receives:

  • Since 2001, the Town of East Windsor has enjoyed a minimum of two advanced life support (ALS) Paramedic ambulances are staffed 24 hours per day with few exceptions.
  • More recently, the third advanced life support (ALS) Paramedic ambulance is often staffed from 06:00 to 22:00. If an additional Paramedic is unavailable, it is staffed at the EMT Basic level. Friday and Saturday nights are staffed 24 hours by a third ambulance crew. This oftentimes is at the Paramedic level.
  • A fourth basic life ambulance (BLS) is often scheduled during peak call periods based on previous call data. This is exceptional coverage for a community of 10,000 residents. Mutual aid to our community is seldom needed.
  • The East Windsor Ambulance owns and operated 7 ambulances and 2 paramedic intercept vehicles.

The (EWAA) operates regionally assisting any community that requires our assistance. This is done by contacting Tolland County Mutual Aid Fire Service Inc. (TCMAFS) directly. Any community looking to add our service to their communities mutual aid response should contact me at chiefclynch@ewambulance.org.

Our office staff performs all of our billing services in-house so we ensure our patients are properly treated both in the ambulance and with their patient accounts. We offer our billing services to other EMS providers looking for a new billing company for a customary fee. Our billing software is ESO Suite however it can receive patient care data from most commercial PCR software. 

The East WIndsor Ambulance Association Inc. is also interested in merging / consolidating with similar types of non-profit EMS services that share our regional vision regardless of your location. Creating a larger regional service is more efficient, cost-effective, and extremely versatile. 

Any community looking to improve their community EMS system with a dynamic EMS solution like ours can contact me for a consultation and a proposal for services. Depending on your community location, we may be able to offer a low or no-cost option for first responder, basic life support ambulance, or paramedic-level service paramedic unit or ambulance system.

Emergency Medical Services Chief Paramedic 

Thomas J Clynch  III

chiefclynch@ewambulance.org or 

860-654-0515 fax 860-623-5289



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