The East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc. is an emergency medical service (EMS) provider located in the Town of East Windsor CT. The ambulance association is a 501c3 non-profit non-stock corporation. We are not a municipal town agency and while we work closely with our community, we are an independent agency. All of our leadership and staff are employed and paid by the organization. This is similar to the American Red Cross that is a non-profit organization that pays its leadership and staff to provide a service to the public.

East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc. freely provides emergency medical care to any community that requests it on a mutual aid or contractual basis. As our call requests for service increase so does our ambulance coverage. This mutual aid provides the funds to provide multi-ambulance coverage to East Windsor that, without it, would not be possible. As a result, the East Windsor Ambulance has 3 ambulances on duty every day. All earned revenues and donations are put back into the service to improve the delivery of care.

In 2020, the East Windsor Ambulance answered over 3000 requests for service. The East Windsor Ambulance staffs two paramedic level ambulances 24 hours per day, seven days per week with few exceptions. A third basic life support ambulance is staffed from 08:00 to 23:00 almost every day. Additional ambulances are staffed during peak call periods. With 6 ambulances and 2 paramedic intercept units, we are capable of serving greater than twice our current call volume.

Our EMS service consists of 55 highly skilled Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians that bring the highest level of medical service to the communities we serve. 

As previously stated, the East Windsor Ambulance Association, inc is a self-sustaining non-profit entity. We have operated for over 13 years without asking for or requiring a town subsidy for our services. All of the ambulance association's expenses are paid by the organization through patient billing, donations, fund drives, memorial and trust donations. This includes all vehicle, liability, malpractice, and workers compensation insurance. All staff expenses such as payroll, fringe benefits, all vehicle purchases, maintenance, and vehicle fuel, and all medical equipment and supplies are paid for by the ambulance association. 

The Town of East Windsor does provide us with a modest 2 bay ambulance facility and they pay for the basic utilities including electricity, heating, and air conditioning, garbage, and snow removal. The East Windsor Ambulance pays for telephone and internet.

Our highly effective administrative staff perform all of our billing services in-house so we ensure our patients are properly treated both in the ambulance and with their account. This service is also available to other EMS providers looking for a new billing company. 

Our billing rates are regulated by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. We utilize the minimal universal ambulance rate schedule, unlike some other EMS agencies that request higher than standard rates. The out-of-pocket cost expenses you incur depend on the medical care coverage you select from your provider. Your co-pays and deductibles are out of our control.

If you would like to contribute to our service your tax-deductible contributions can be made either by mail to P.O. Box 188 East Windsor CT 06088 or hit the "Make a donation" button on this home page. 

Emergency Medical Services Chief Paramedic 

Thomas J Clynch  III or 

860-654-0515 fax 860-623-5289



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