The East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc. is a Paramedic level ambulance service provider located in the Town of East Windsor CT. Our primary service community is the Town of East Windsor CT.

While East Windsor is our home base and primary responsibility, we have always extended ourselves to provide our service to any community that requests it. The additional revenues earned from mutual aid responses contributes to our extensive amount of ambulanc crew coverag. Regionalization tends to be a word no one likes to embrace, but we are always reaching out to collaborate with other towns or agencies to improve the viability of community emergency medical services in whole or in part. See our regionalization tab above. The challenges towns face with with municipal budget growth often places EMS very low in their priorities. For this reason, we have faced the reality that tax funding for EMS is not in our future. We have operated without municipal funding for over 8 years.

It is important that our municipalities know they have an effective EMS system protecting them. However, evaluating Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Connecticut is a difficult task as there are so many different system models to compare from. For a community to decide if their EMS service system is sufficient for its size, provides the appropriate level of medical care, is fiscally cost-effective, has a high degree of reliability, and rates high in overall customer satisfaction can be a struggle to determine. 

It is important to me as the leader of our organization to ensure our residents that our system is, in the majority of requests, going to be there in your time of need and the care you receive is clinically appropriate.

So I have broken our service down into four sections;

Sufficient resources for our community

a. The East Windsor Ambulance staffs two ambulances 24 hours per day, seven days per week with few exceptions.

b. Requests for service are evaluated constantly and a third ambulance is staffed on many weekdays to ensure all requests are covered.

c. Our staff is all scheduled paid staff, we do not rely on volunteers to ensure our coverage.

d. We own and operate 5 fully equipped ambulances that are available when needed.

The appropriate level of care

a. We employ 25 Paramedics and 30 EMT’s.

b. Our primary ambulance is staffed 24 hours per day 7 days per week at the paramedic level. 

c. Our second ambulance is generally staffed as a paramedic unit 24 hours per day 7 days per week, however, there are occasions that staffing becomes difficult. There are times, that this unit is staffed at the EMT level.

d. The third staffed ambulance is usually staffed at the EMT level and is used for lower acuity emergencies. This keeps our paramedics available for more serious emergencies. 

e. We do not rely on outside services for our paramedic care. 

Cost-effective to the patient and the taxpayer

a. Our service is a nonprofit 501c3 member-run non-stock corporation. All employees are salary or paid per hour for their service. We are not in the for-profit business, we are an organization established for the public good.

b. As a taxpayer, your contribution is minimal. The East Windsor Ambulance provides this service to the Town of East Windsor at very little cost. We are provided a modest 2 bay space at the town hall annex. Basic utilities, snow plowing, garbage removal, some building repairs are included.

c. There is no actual monetary tax funding provided for this service. Many other towns must subsidize their system. We have not received funding in over 8 years.

d. All expenses are paid by the organization through patient billing and donations from our fund drives, memorial donations, trust donations. This includes all insurance, payroll, capital improvements, ambulance and equipment purchases, fuel, medical equipment, etc.

e. Our billing rates are regulated by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. Your out of pocket costs depend on the medical care coverage you select from your provider. Your co-pays and deductibles are out of our control.


a. While we answer over 3000 requests both in town and for mutual aid, the need for mutual aid in town is limited. Our standard coverage combined with our crew call back system ensures our reliability is over 98%.

Customer Satisfaction

As Chief of this service since 1995, I am proud to say that I receive very few complaints about our staff or our system. I will say that any complaints that I do receive are generally related to insurance company co-pays and deductibles, which I have no control.

If you would like to contribute to our service your tax-deductible contributions can be made either by mail to P.O. Box 188 East Windsor CT 06088 or hit the "Make a donation" button on this home page. 

Emergency Medical Services 

Chief Paramedic Thomas J Clynch  III or 860-654-0515 fax 860-623-5289



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