The East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc is a non-profit paramedic-level ambulance service serving the Town of East Windsor Connecticut. Organized in 1978 as an all-volunteer ambulance service that served the community for free when prehospital care ambulance options were limited. From 1978 to 2001 the service was a basic life support ambulance service. In 2001, we began our paramedic system and have continued at this level with great success.

40 years later, we are one of the few emergency medical service systems that provide paramedic level ambulance service without any financial contribution from our town government. It is even rarer for a community of less than a 10,000 population to have 2 full-time paramedic units staffed and available nearly 100% of the time.

We respond to over 2700 emergencies each year and answer almost every request for service in the Town of East Windsor. Mutual aid is requested less than 25 times each year. Auto accidents and our most serious are usually served by multiple unit responses.

Our financial funding is provided by 2 sources. Our primary source is by billing patients for service for emergency care and transport to the hospital. Our rates are strictly regulated by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health. We always utilize the standard universal ambulance rate which is used by almost every non-profit ambulance service in the state. 

Our second source is private donations by the community and businesses. Each year, we conduct fund drive mailers and solicit donations from the public. We never make phone calls for donations, nor do we outsource fundraising. 

This funding covers all expenses of the association including;

  • All payroll and employee taxes
  • Workers compensation, Malpractice, automobile, and liability insurance
  • Purchases of medical supplies, medication, and equipment
  • Ambulance vehicles, repairs, and fuel
  • Heart monitoring devices, stretchers, automated CPR devices, and other capital equipment
  • Administrative staff for ambulance billing and office responsibilities
  • Training and certification
  • Information technologies, fleet tracking, and personnel scheduling

The East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc. is not a business entity but a non-profit 501c-3 nonstock corporation. We are not a town agency and our employees are not town employees. There are no profits paid to owners, only salary and hourly wages to our employees for the services they perform.

If you would like to help us help you or your neighbor by making a donation either by mail to P.O. Box 188 East Windsor CT 06088 or hit the "Make a donation" button on this home page. Your donation is used for capital improvements and medical equipment.

Emergency Medical Services Chief Paramedic Thomas J Clynch  III or 860-654-0515 fax 860-623-5289



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