Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call 911?

Anytime you feel you have a medical emergency. If you are in doubt, call and let our staff evaluate you and you can make an informed decision to the hospital in an ambulance or not. However, keep in mind that 911 should not be used unless there is an emergency, or you have reason to believe you may have an emergency.

Who will respond when I call 911?

Depending on the type and the severity of a call, a decision will be made as to what type and number of units that will respond to the call. A typical medical call will receive one ambulance. If the call turns out to be a severe emergency, a second ambulance or paramedic intercept vehicle may respond if available.

What can I do until help arrives?

There are a few things you can do to help the ill or injured person(s) while you are waiting for help to arrive:

  1. Stay calm and reassure the patient that help is on the way.
  2. Do what the 911 Emergency Dispatcher tells you to do, up to and including instruction over the phone on how to perform some basic life-saving skills that you can initiate while rescue personnel are enroute.
  3. Make the patient as comfortable as possible, but don't place anything underneath their head, like a pillow, to make them more comfortable. This could cause further injury. Never move the patient unless they are in danger where they are.
  4. Try and secure any pets so they do not get away or interfere with any EMS personnel.
  5. Have someone available to direct the rescue personnel to the patient if possible.

Is there an ambulance fee?

Yes. Most, if not all, ambulance services in the State of Connecticut now bill their patients for the medical care they provide. This includes services that have volunteers or paid employees. The East Windsor Ambulance Association is supported by two sources of revenue. Patient billing revenue and by public and corporate donations. Most ambulance services in Connecticut charge the same user fee.

All ambulance fees are regulated by the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services. The East Windsor Ambulance accepts the State of Connecticut universal fee schedule. The fee schedule determines how much we can charge. But Medicare and Medicaid decide how much they will pay. How much you pay depends on the policy you have. You are responsible for co-pays and deductibles as determined by your insurance provider.

Can you pay your bill online?

Yes, Please enter your Run Number below and click Pay Now. We accept PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

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Do all communities provide the same level of care?

No, The East Windsor Ambulance Association provides the highest level of Paramedic pre-hospital emergency medical care available in the State of Connecticut. Many towns still have basic life support ambulances staffed only by Emergency Medical Technicians. Many are still served by volunteers EMT's. They utilize paramedics services from other towns or from some commercial ambulance services. Often times, these paramedic services come from great distances.

What is a paramedic intercept?

A paramedic intercept is when a paramedic service meets up with a non-paramedic ambulance to provide advanced life support care. Advanced life support is warranted when a patient's condition and need for treatment exceeds the basic life support level of care.

How much does the ambulance charge for each call?

The rates vary by the type and level of service provided and is determined by the State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health. There is universal rate structure that is used by many of the ambulance services in the state. 

Does the ambulance service get the entire amount that they bill for?

No, some Federal and State programs require we accept the rates that they allow. Medicare and Medicaid determine how much they will pay and how much that you pay. 

Can you bill for calls that a patient is treated but does not want to go to the hospital?

No, we cannot bill for patients that refuse to be transported or refuse to be treated. We can bill for cardiac arrest patients that we evaluate or treat but we do not transport. We also cannot bill for calls we are canceled for or for fire and police emergency standbys.

How much revenue does the Town of East Windsor provide the East Windsor Ambulance?

The East Windsor Ambulance has received no town funding since 2012. We are provided a small facility that includes some utilities at no cost. 

Do other communities the size of East Windsor provide funding to their community ambulance?

Yes, Most communities do provide some revenue their EMS systems. However, many have begun to reduce it do to the increased billing rates.

Is the East Windsor Ambulance a for profit private business?

No, the East Windsor Ambulance is a Non-Profit 501c3 non stock corporation and function similarly to the Warehouse Point and Broad Brook Fire Departments, The East Windsor Visiting Nurse Association, the Warehouse Point Library, The East Windsor Scout Hall, Tolland County Mutual Aid Dispatch, and the American Red Cross. No one personally profits from the revenues generated. The administration and the employees are on salary or hourly payroll.

Do any of the officers or employees take home excess profits from the association?

No, the members and officers of the association work for an hourly wage for the shifts that they work. The Chief of the organization is employed and is compensated a set salary each year. All revenues generated are for the operation of the organization.

Are the financial records of the organization subject to a professional outside audit?

Yes, a complete audit of all financial activity is conducted each year by an independent auditing firm. All required tax returns are completed as required.

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