East Windsor Ambulance Association

East Windsor Ambulance Association



It is my belief, that the future of providing emergency medical services to our communities lies with nonprofit ambulance services becoming larger, busier, and smarter. Volunteerism is no longer a long term solution to staffing and the overall cost to provide the service is skyrocketing.

Our history in EMS has been to maintain our small kingdoms at all costs and what we have seen is several organizations that become extinct because of their stubbornness to preserve the status quo. It is time for forward-thinking that really is not rocket science. They are simple business principles. 

It is time to form alliances on a grand scale and combining our operational processes to eliminate duplication and waste. Creating a single organization with a shiny new name and a newly expanded mission to meet the EMS needs of the future and beyond. Setting high goals and standards and employing the best available staff. Combining workforces and talent to best serve our patients and communities. Improving the futures of our permanent staff with compensation and benefits that reflect their hard work and commitment. 

While our goal would not be to generate less money but to spend the money we earn more efficiently. Improving staff utilization is a monumental benefit to the consolidation of services. Having the appropriate number of ALS vs. BLS units in a larger service area plays a huge factor in organizational efficiency. This includes a staggering crew schedule to address peak call periods. Keeping all requests for service within one system is paramount to an effective and efficient system. 

Paramedicine will soon be a required function in every community. Small services will not have the resources to maintain this service.

This idea of consolidation is not limited to those in our area, every EMS service can benefit from this idea of a larger more effective singular organization and I welcome discussions with any service that sees the vision, regardless of location.

It is time for some deep reflection of your service and to consider joining forces with us to create a system that will provide for everyone’s future. Ask yourself “where will our service be in 10 years?”

Please feel free to reach out to chief@ewambulance.org. I am here to help.

Other collaborations include but not limited to;

Patient billing, crew scheduling, payroll services, supply purchasing, capital purchasing, and IT services. I look forward to hearing from you,

Chief Thomas J Clynch III